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I'm too pretty to do homework.

Did anyone else see this on CNN today? Apparently, JC Penney had to pull this shirt because of so many complaints.

It's pretty funny. I mean, I wouldn't buy it for an eight year old either but I'd probably wear it myself. Haha. Ok, really, I'm too pretty to work so you fools get to my clips store and pay me.



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Hypnotic Ass.

Looks like I've busted out yet another groundbreaker. Yes, a few of my clips are renowned for being special, creative, or innovative. My latest gem, "Hypnotic Ass" is certainly not a new-to-this-industry concept but, it is new to me. It is my very first true hypno clip. The idea of hypnosis has interested me for quite some time. Its always been a small part of what draws men toward me, at least since I started this clip biz a few years ago. I wasn't even intentionally inserting hypno themes into my clips but, males would say that I'd hypnotized them--with my words, with my eyes, with my beauty. Well, now I've tried my hand at a true hypnosis clip and I don't have to speak for myself when I say its good. Let the zombies speak for me:

 "That last ass clip (the hypno-robo one) was THE BEST ass video ever. You really outdid yourself... The editing and planning and thought you must have put into it... well it was just amazingly well done. It made my mind swim. ...There is no one else on KinkBomb or C4S who even comes close to you for ass-worship clips. You are absolutely the best." -MP

"Hi...so I watched the new video...just once...the best way to describe it...felt like I was in the ocean and waves kept hitting me, washing over me over and over at first just my feet, then my legs, then my entire body, until I was totally drenched and saturated, ending up on the beach on all 4s..with nothing left....the messages over and over, and your ass and the repetitive images, over and over, until I had nothing left.....on all 4s...with the black lace panties, thong, curvature, I was hanging on to a life preserver..." -On the Verge/Puppydog 

This one also went to the #1 Hot Clip on Kinkbomb in its first day of release (8/23).

Intrigued? Join the Butt Slut Club and let my ass invade your brain!

I woud love to make more hypno clips (and plan to) but they really are a lot more labor intensive when it comes to the editing, etc. So don't worry, I won't take over the world just yet. You still have some time to dissapoint your wife some more. 



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New Slave Application Released!

I've decided to require a slave application for all current and prospective slaves. This will help me keep my menagerie organized. So, what are you waiting for? Click the photo, pay the fee, and turn in your application! Get properly owned today!

In other news, I got lots of gifts in the mail today. Including...

These cute pink shoes, from I don't know who:

These cute green wedges from footboy wayne:

These $255, killer, black, shiny patent leather shoes from muscles:

And this pretty $300 white gold and diamond necklace, also from muscles:


I also got a really funny, red wig from slave mung. Its too ridiuclous to post pics of just yet--I'll need to play around with it first. My eyebrows are so light blond that any dark wigs look really wierd on me.
Thats it for today boys 'n girls. I did have a lovely long weekend in San Diego that I plan to post on a bit later so stay tuned for that. And, of course, don't forget to fill out your slave application!



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Life News:

I went to Florida the first week of August and had a great time, despite the sweltering heat. I went to Universal Studios for my birthday (August 3rd) because I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd and have been wanting to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal in Orlando ever since it opened one year ago. Well, I finally got my wish! My boyfriend surprised me with this super sweet hookup of a VIP tour. Basically, a nice woman walked us through the park all day and any ride we wanted to go on, we got to cut everyone in line and pick out our seats (front row? no problem). It was fucking awesome! I really didn't want to stand in line for 90 minutes to get on these rides in 95 degree swamp weather. We even got to cut the lines for the very popular shops in the Harry Potter Hogsmead area. And the Wizarding World of Harry Potter did not disappoint! They did a great job making things look authentic and detailed. The Butterbeer was SO good--quite honestly it might have been my favorite part of the day! And, yes, I got a wand (aka a $30 plastic stick). Its Holly with a Unicorn hair heart. Yes, I'm a fucking nerd (and I do have sexual tendencies towards wizards). 

Really, though, if you have the funds for it, I recommend the VIP tour--it rocks & I'll probably not be able to go to any theme park without that luxury now!

After our Orlando jaunt we headed down to South Florida to get some R&R at the beach and attend my boyfriend's high school reunion. That in itself was a very unique experience but, hey, who wouldn't want to bring me to their high school reunion?

I also thought I'd post a couple of pictures I missed a few weeks ago. The first is from when my boyfriend took me on a surprise, sunset horseback ride and the next couple are from my July trip to the Hamptons.

Slave Stuff:

As for my slaves, needless to say, this birthday was my most spoiled yet! I mean, you guys came through! I got sooo much stuff. It was awesome. And now that you've set the bar high, I will expect nothing but continued excellence in the gift giving regard. So start saving for Christmas now, pets!

I have a new slave, who I haven't named yet but I have taken to calling him "puppy." He is a self-proclaimed educated, intelligent, "alpha male," who basically bet me that I couldn't conquer him. Today in a 1 hour IM session (which he paid dearly for) I got him to submit to me fully, and in the end he caved, filled out a slave application, gave me his phone number, name, and photo, paid me a "puppy tax" and will now be on a weekly tribute schedule. Easy as that. Really, I was expecting more of a challenge after all of this guy's talk. Here is a portion of an email he sent me shortly after this session. I told him to reflect on the session afterward and so he emailed me his reflections. Apparently, I had him so entranced that his brain became muddled and he didn't even remember everything that occurred:

"Oh..shit....so yes, reflecting on what happened as you told me...and I even sent that email from my other address....clearly I was in a fog-please use this address for all mailings...and I gave you my phone number if I recall? To be honest, it is not all clear to me-but I remember enough to know I was totally caved and acting like a slave doing whatver you told me..."

Also, I have been allowing the naughty bitch HB to talk to me once again. I haven't done a session with him but, I am considering it. When I say talking I mean, I'm actually reading his pathetic pleas instead of instantly deleting them. I vowed not to take him back but he is so far showing obedience and sincerity. And, what can I say, money talks! I'll let you know my final decision in this regard soon.

I have created a NEW slave application (puppy was the first to try it out) and I will soon be releasing it for all of my current and prospective slaves. Old slaves will be required to pay the fee and fill it out. I figure it'll be much easier for bookkeeping purposes to have you all in a concise file. You boys are sure adding up fast!

In other news... I'm heading off to San Diego this weekend to hang out at the beach! I LOVE San Diego. It's my favorite US city. So, if anyone wants to pay for my hotel or drinks while I'm there, don't hesitate to do so.




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WHEW. Okay, so my boyfriend's mother was here for seven LONG days. She's a very nice person but, I don't want anyone in my house for seven fucking days. Now I'm finally free to waltz around wearing shit like this to my heart's content:

Moreover, I can finally film some clips! That's exciting. Seeing as how my clips sales are better than ever, with an enforced seven days off, I'm really ready to bust out some devious, habit-forming material! Yes, I've surpassed my sales record on Kinkbomb.com this month (by over $1,300 so far) and held the #1 spot there for most of July, not surprisingly. My 1st ever farting clip also went to the #1 place in the farting category on clips4sale--what a way to bust into a genre! The gifts also continue rolling in, reminding me what a spoiled brat deserves. Oooh, and my boyfriend brought me to see the Blue Man Group on Sunday and we had front row seats! It was fun. I went to the top club in Vegas right now, Marquee, on Monday night and sipped champagne at my VIP table as LMFAO performed on stage...and this is just in the last week! Yes, its been a good month. Hell, its a good life!


Tonight I'll be partying with the likes of Bratty Nikki & GcupBitch for the lovely
Leah Star's birthday! We're doing it Vegas style so you know its going to be BIG! And then, on Sunday, I'm off to my next vacation in Florida! We're going to the beach, Miami, and Orlando for some Harry Potter Universal Studios action. I'll be celebrating my birthday (AUGUST 3rd!) while in Florida and, naturally, I expect all fans to wish me a happy birthday the best way they can--with gifts and MONEY



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 Happy Birthday to me, and other things.

I've been back from my Hamptons trip for 4 days now. I had so much fun out there. The weather was great. We stayed in a house with friends. We ate lots of good seafood and we got to do one of my most favorite things, hang out on the beach. I LOVE the beach and really relish my time at the beach, considering I live in Vegas and, yes, we have something called "Tao Beach" but, that is completely different from the kind of beaches I like. It was my first time up in the Hamptons and the beach was, bar far, the best attraction there. The beaches were surprisingly clean and beautiful, albeit with freezing cold water. I went to the swanky new Nobu and other pretentious places where I've never seen so many men in pink and baby blue! But, really, my only complaint with the place is that its so buggy! I hate the east coast for its myriad bugs! Anyway, here are a few pics from my trip:

Since I've been home, my slaves have been very good. My birthday is coming up (August 3rd) and I've already gotten a slew of lovely Birthday gifts. Here are a few highlights:

From my Chicago fan boy:

 A 60" LED 3D Sony Bravia TV!
 This $500 chair that'll look great in my formal living room

  And a Juicy Couture panty set

From Footboy Wanye:


And this is what I know MP bought me on a binge last night, though there may be more!:

 Dolce & Gabbana Travel Bag

 $500 Diamond Ring and all of THIS:


You guys should thank MP, really, because I will no doubt be showing up in my clips in some sexy new outfits! I fucking LOVE being spoiled and getting lots of gifts. Its probably some weird complex where I associate getting presents with being loved but, who cares, it makes me happy, so you guys will do it, right? I expect to see lots of more gifts between now and my birthday. In fact, I really think all fans and followers should purchase a least one small trifle of their affection for me, whether you've made yourself known to me in the past or you're just a lurker from afar. Now is the opportunity to shower me with gifts. I've said it before but, I want a mountain of gifts on my doorstep this year for my birthday and, it looks like this is really going to happen! The life of a true Princess.

So, get to my wishlist and buy me a gift! It could be simple or it could be a 2k TV, thats up to you to decide.

In 8 days I leave for Orlando, FL so in the mean time I'll be resting up and relaxing.



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Its been a fun week for me. I've gone boating twice this week at Lake Mead and if you missed this picture, previously posted to my twitter, then you must be hitting yourself right now for not following me on twitter! 

I also have had slave martin in town. He arrived on Tuesday and immediately came over to my place, flowers in hand. He promptly emptied the contents of his wallet into my pretty hands, a measly $500 which he said was all he could get out of the atm due to a stupid daily limit. He should have gone to the bank before coming! He paid dearly, though, for all the tasks I had him do. We got in lots of foot worship, one of my favorite fetishes.

I filmed lots of clips which you fools will buy up immediately upon release, the first of which is already selling HOT in my clips stores! Click the pic below to get it:


In other news, my pay slut from the other night (see post below) shredded his credit cards out of fear! Still, he has promised his heart and, more importantly, his savings account to ME.

I have another new slave. My new Chicago boy and in the last two days he's proved his worth to me by sending me $1,000 in tributes on Kinkbomb.com AND a $2,100 60" Sony Bravia LED TV. Here's one of the $500 tributes. The other one came in this morning. Now that's a way to wake up!

I've continued to receive almost daily tribute from my giantess whore shadi and miscellaneous other gifts and payments from other fans and usuals.

I'm heading off to New York to spend a long weekend being pampered in the Hamptons! I'm staying at my friend's fabulous house and really looking forward to the trip, as I've never been there. Some relaxation on the beach is exactly what I need and the posh locale will just add to the fun of it all.

Anyway, I'm off to give slave martin one last kick in the pants before heading to the Harry Potter movie premier! I'm a Harry Potter fanatic. I totally love the books and the movies aren't bad either. I'm actually quite sad about seeing this movie. I wanted it to never come out, because once its over, its done--its the last movie in the franchise. This is what I'll be wearing and if you're a HP fan you'll get it. If you don't get it, don't ask!



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 Totally conquered after 1 clip!
I have a brand new slave. A new addict. I'm not sure where this relationship will go as it really just started. This male, DW, contacted me yesterday after watching my clip "My Findom Secret." In this clip, I go into my whole personal philosophical hypothesis on the nature of financial domination, why its so prevalent, why its so hot, and why it should make total sense to you losers. I claimed (and still assert) that after watching this clip your eyes will be opened and the world of findom will all become crystal clear to you.

Apparently, my hypothesis has caught on. I'm still waiting for it to be published as an actual theory but, I digress.

DW is fucked. He contacted me yesterday begging to send me money and inquiring as to how. Best methods, FYI: Kinkbomb.com tribute or amazon.com gift card sent to WorshipRene@aol.com. I also accept Alaska Airlines gift cards. That's about it. I don't fuck around with a million methods of payment. I keep it clean and simple for myself and if you can't figure out how to pay me via one of these methods, fuck off, retard. 

Here's a peek at the emails sent from DW to my lovely self:
I watched your "My Findom Secret" video first. You actually trained me with this one single video. You walked me through the process - I clicked the submit button - and I am now a changed person. The timing of the "Submit Order" click was important i think, and you knew it, didn't you? And your last words, "Remember, the more you pay, the stronger you'll come..." - OMG. Very powerful. How do you know so much about men? How? You know more about me than I know about me. I had no idea that I was susceptible to this - no clue whatsoever.

I have a PhD and I've been making good money for years. I've saved and invested like crazy for years. And now I am fantasizing about giving it all to you. Sure, this is just a fantasy, but it is so fucking scary. There are moments when I would actually do it - give it all over to you. You know me like no woman has ever known me. I know this is just a business for you, and I know you're laughing at me, but I still can't stop. I want to give it up to you. I'm willing to fuck myself over for a woman almost half my age who I have never met. I've always considered myself intelligent, but you found my deepest, darkest secret without even trying - I came to you and just gave you my dignity. And this is only the beginning - I can feel that this is going to get serious quickly.
You are doing society a favor. Clearly I need this. Yes, this validates me as a male. But there is more... I am paying a debt and you are collecting on behalf of all the women I have violated in my mind. It is poetic justice. It's as though I have come to you for my due. I have this coming.


Thank you Rene. Thank you for teaching me about this and thank you for taking my money.

The worst is: In the middle of the night I walked out of my room and I put a 2nd check, an enormous check, in the hotel mailbox. It's gone. I can't get it back.

I will honor the check, don't worry. The last thing I need is to be dealing with a quarrel over a stop payment - and the possible revelations about what the check was in payment of... Anyway, if you got me to walk out of my room and do that, then you deserve every cent. Survival of the fittest at work I guess. And clearly, you are the fittest in every respect: Physically, mentally and spiritually. The part that really bothers me is that you did it without even interacting with me in person. You worked me over using a fucking video. Jesus Christ Almighty. You must spend most of every day laughing as the money rolls in. How many men have queued up ahead of me to serve you? I wonder what this must be like for you. I probably don't have a clue... are we talking 5 figures per year? Or 6?

In a few hours I will be back in my Boston hotel room again; alone with my thoughts. God help me.
What I love most out of all of this is conquering another male. Making him weak, making him submit, making him at once horrified and excited. Then, of course, I love the fucking money. He sent me $450 in Kinkbomb tributes and I have 2 checks coming in the mail. Ah the power of a female mind and body at work!

Here's a screenshot of my Kinkbomb sales between 3:30pm and about midnight last night. Pretty slow on clip sales. Someone sent my a cute $25. And then 3 $150 tributes from DW. 

If you're not completely terrified by all of this, get the clip here:

I'll update when I receive the checks in the mail.



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Still rocking it over at Clips4sale. I admittedly put a ton of effort and promotion in to my Kinkbomb.com studio because, frankly, Kinkbomb is my preferred clips site. But, that doesn't mean I've lost it over at Clips4sale! Check it out, I've been moving up and down on the Top 50 Studios list & now my clip "Slave Training Affirmations" has made the Top 50 Clips in just 2 days of being live! You know what that means, fans are buying up this clip at a fast rate because its FUCKING AWESOME! So, all slaves should go buy "Slave Training Affirmations!" I highly recommend it and, obviously, so do a lot of other people!


Get the clip at CLIPS4SALE or KINKBOMB!

Clip description: 
"All men need to be trained. Men are good for only one thing: serving ME. In today's slave training session we will use verbal affirmations to hypnotize you into agreeing with everything I say. This session will also serve to strip you of your willpower and self-esteem. I want all of my slaves, fans, and admirers to purchase this clip and listen to my soft, commanding voice and follow my instructions. You'll stare into my gorgeous, brown doe eyes and repeat what I say, degrading yourself for me, your Princess. Worship your Goddess, slave."

-UPDATE-  Damn you boys are good listeners! Just checked back and in 1/2 a day my clip skyrocketed to #18! See:

Good boys!