WorshipRene (worshiprene) wrote,

Lesbo Spotlight

If you're into girl-girl domination then make sure to check out My clips with Lesbo--a slut that I borrowed from Monique and Ceara. Some people get confused with lesbian domination... after all, it's not very female supremacist-ish to dominate another female. But, don't think too much into it! I'm more of a ME Supremacist anyway. Ha. These clips are like pokemon: you gotta catch 'em all. Lol...you know what I mean. Collect 'em all, dumbfuck. Click the pic to see them in My store:

"Watch Two Snobs Dominate a Lesbo Bitch"

"Panty Munching Lesbo"

"Lick My Feet, you Lesbo Slut!"

"Tag-Teaming Lesbo with Our Feet"

"Lesbo Earns Her Ass Worship Reward"

And My personal fave: "Lesbo Forced to Worship My Sweaty Socks!"

Think of them as a collector's edition set! you are a clip collector of Mine, right??

Anyway, I gotta go get ready! Going out tonight with friends. Two VIP tables to stop by tonight.




Tags: domination, female domination, female supremacy, foot fetish, lesbian

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